I wake up every morning at 5 AM, head straight to the gym, have my organic breakfast and shoot off to work with my Brompton bike.

Then I put in practice the mission I was assigned when I was conceived: to craft ultra-efficient pieces of software with beautiful slick-as-butter graphic user interfaces.

A missing test or a warning log entry is reason enough to whip my back to redeem my lack of commitment in front of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Choose the profile best fits you

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I'm Antonio. I'm a Spanish and British front-end developer based in London.

I craft with ❤️ JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
I also have good back-end skills in Node.js and Java EE.

Have a glance at the source code of this website.

And visit my LinkedIn profile and GitHub account.

Canary Wharf


Old Street

You are a big bank, financial or enterprise software producer, insurance, accounting or consulting company.

You often work directly with external clients. A superb ability to understand what they want and communicate with them in terms adapted to clients thoughts but keeping a cohesive level with IT specifications is a must.

The project probably will require involvement with money transactions, key aspect in order to have a very high standard of code production and testing.

You are a publisher, retailer, telecommunications provider, SaaS or gambling company.

You can be a new tiny start-up backed by angel capital or a multinational public company with offices around the globe.

You are looking for a smart programmer who do not care much about formalities but about the compliance, maintenance, performance and detail of every single block of code and also of the app as a whole.

You are a creative agency, research and development lab, FX production or data mining company.

Front-end side is as important as the business logic behind it. Indeed, visual representation of data is the basis of your business.

You may be looking for someone to implement charts or a platform that provides customised information and statistical visualisations. User interface and visual design insight are required.




I enjoy mentoring and pairing with other developers to share and learn knowledge.

Showing a proactive and friendly approach among business teams and projects is part of my way to work.

I make things alive by converting static wireframes and mockups into truly dynamic and interactive web applications.

I put special attention into the smallest detail: architecture, performance, maintainability, visual design and final user experience.

These companies and I have been working together

He knew how to adapt 80's GUIs to modern webpages. That's what's great about working with devs who like editor dark themes: it matches KITT's coachwork.
Antonio is an enthusiast of colourful and flat web design. His implementations are so responsive and slick that even on slow connections Patrick remains calm.
His love for size and performance optimisation is only comparable to the amount of gold I wear on Mondays or the times I say 'ahaa!' on videoclips.

A software developer with strong front-end skills, a good base in back-end skills and an incredible willing to yield results for you and your business.

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